Urban Edge Ceramics

February 5, 2017

We recently had the pleasure of popping down to Melbourne for a weekend of design-related fun (which isn’t hard to do in Melbourne!). One of our first stops was to Urban Edge Ceramics, which is a boutique tile showroom and supplier, located on Swan Street, Richmond. Urban Edge Ceramics is one of Melbourne’s leading suppliers of tiles, particularly imported tiles from Europe, with the company sourcing tiles directly from European designers and suppliers.

One of the ranges that was particularly in focus, was Mutina, who Urban Edge work very closely and directly with to source tiles from well known designers around the world. The main aim being to bring world-class design, colour, pattern and texture in tiles, back to Melbourne so designers and customers can access such beautiful products.

Three designers that were on display were Patricia Urquiola, Tokujin Yoshioka and Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec.

Patricia Urquiola’s range focused very much on texture and colour, and the blending of the two to create products that were specific or directly for the wall and others that would transfer to both wall and floor. Bas-reliefs and engraved patterns and textures were one of the key features we noticed in her work, and the tactility that these patterns and textures had was beautiful to touch. The use of colour was also interesting with neutral tones and a strong relief or pattern, or bright pops of colour and neutral patterns. Tile grout was also pushed into a different dimension with coloured grout becoming a key design trend that we will see more of over the coming year.

Tierra Industrial- Frame – Ash // Mutina & Patricia Urquiola

Bas Relief- Patchwork – Bianco // Mutina & Patricia Urquiola

Tierra Industrial- Rust – Frame Rust // Mutina & Patricia Urquiola


Tokujin Yoshioka’s range Phenomenon, focused on the natural phenomenon’s that occur in nature such as falling snow, which he has interpreted through micro mosaics to spur the imagination using shapes you associate or see in nature with these events. The small scale of these tiles looks stunning when used over a larger wall area, where you can truly appreciate its tangibility and the pattern created.

Phenomenon – Bianco Collection // Mutina & Tokujin Yoshioka

Phenomenon – Honeycomb B // Mutina & Tokujin Yoshioka

Phenomenon – Air Fango // Mutina & Tokujin Yoshioka

Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec had a couple of collections that included Rombini and Pico, which consisted of tiles, mosaics and tile reliefs.

Rombini is a beautiful collection of colours, relief patterns and combinations that translate across multiple platforms- from mosaic to tile, to tile relief.  The range of colours is both soft yet bold at the same time, working well across all ranges to offer multiple tile combinations.

The Pico collection focuses on the natural and raw look and feel of traditional earth floors or hand made cement, which creates a beautifully organic matt finish and feel, with a slightly irregular dotted pattern and texture. The pattern itself transitions between positive and negative, with the dots either pressed into the tile or raised above to create a subtle contrast in both look and feel.

  Pico- Combinations – Mutina // Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec

Rombini – Mix- Mutina // Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec


Information and images credit to Urban Edge Ceramic- www.urbanedgeceramics.com.au

Top Homewares & Accessories Trends for 2016

May 15, 2016


Metallic finishes are still hugely popular and continue into 2016 as a trend that shows no sign of going away soon. Metallic finishes work well in just about any interior and any item – furniture, lighting, door and cabinetry handles and homewares – as they add that little extra sparkle to the room. In particular, copper and rose gold remains a dominant force in furniture, lighting and homewares, and we will see more and more rose gold and copper tones in everything from trays, rugs and mirrors to everyday items such as cutlery and bathware. Gold, brass and silver will also be quite prominent this year as alternatives to copper and rose gold.



product_group_image1 IMG_1413_1024x1024

1. Janson & Co Copper Tray- DESIGN TWINS 2. NSW Leather Co, Devore Metallic Cowhide Rug in Gold- Zanui.com 3. Taj Octagonal Mirror in Metal- GLOBE WEST, 4. Rose Gold Stainless Steel Cutlery Set- DESIGN TWINS.



Marble is another trend that continues building momentum  and is still going strong in 2016. This year, marble finishes have a huge presence in homewares in particular with marble making its way from the kitchen to the bathroom and everything in between! Marble prints have made their way into fabrics and soft furnishings, bringing the soft texture and tones of marble into the bedroom and living area.

500x500xMR-Round-Marble-Bathroom-Accessories-Group.jpg,qitok=H4RUwPTk.pagespeed.ic.Qk-A1tL16d500x500xHR-Marble-Main.jpg,qitok=qDQ0nqtz.pagespeed.ic.YY_IOAdzy3 milk-and-sugar-angus-candle-stick-stled_1


 1. Mercer + Reid Round Marble Bathroom Accessories- ADAIRS 2. Home Republic Bed Linen- ADAIRS 3. Angus Marble Cannister- HUNTING FOR GEORGE 4. Cushion Marble Print- CLICKON FURNITURE



Natural materials and textures will continue to be a popular trend in 2016, predominantly featuring woven elements in lighting, homewares and furniture. Natural materials like rattan, jute, sisal and wicker will be seen in outdoor furniture, rugs and baskets. Timber that has an organic or worn look will also be a key trend this year and will be present in furniture and homewares.

Bell-Basket-Ceiling-Pendant-60cm-2 Fortitude-Basket-White-4 RiverEcho3-wpcf_883x1080product_group_image1-21. Bell Basket Ceiling Pendant- FREEDOM 2. Fortitude Basket in White- FREEDOM 3. River Weave Echo Stripe Rug- Armadillo and Co 4. Shelter Organic Side Table- GLOBE WEST



A look that is always eye-catching. Geometric tiles are hugely popular as floor tiles or feature tiles in bathrooms and kitchens and will continue right into 2016! Black and white designs in particular are used as bathroom floor tiles and they work well with white walls, natural timbers, black or metallic accents and natural greenery.

 fabrizio-tonsurton-blackandwhite-tile-porcelainPORCELAIN_ENCAUSTIC_SLIDER vm516_dlt83145_cement_encausticVH23_01_CEMENT_ENCAUSTIC

Images sourced from Di Lorenzo Tiles.



 Wallpaper will always have a place in yearly trends, however this year bold and graphic wallpaper is they key trend to be following. We will see a lot more metallic tones and patterns this year, along with strong geometric patterns, floral patterns and products that have a painted look such as watercolour and whitewashed techniques. In 2015 we saw copper making an appearance in wallpaper however this year we will se more gold, bronze and silver tones coming out. Ethnic patterns and colours are also a key trend this year, as they offer bold, often intricate patterns and colours that will make a statement in any home.  Woven grass wallpapers and textured wallpapers will also be seen a lot more this year as well, as we look toward more natural elements, textures and colours in our homes. Textured and embossed wallpaper will also be seen more this year with animal textures like crocodile skin, suede and leather being the predominant patterns used. We will see natural looking textures but also combinations of colour and metallic accents with these patterns.


 Images sourced from Annandale Wallpapers.



This year there is a focus and appreciation of the handcrafted and the artisan responsible for making beautiful pieces that are full of character. This trend focuses on quality hand-made furniture, homewares, art and accessories that are sourced around the world, and inject personality, colour, texture, pattern and warmth to a space.

MG_3765_grandeBerryBurstASQa-510x510 dinosaur_designs_homewares_resin_lrg_pebble_vase_27_august_2015_013__44866.1444362569.1000.1000macrame-wall-art-dreamcatcher_1024x1024

 1. Puna Llama Throw in Tobacco- PAMPA 2. Berry Burst Wool Art- THE COLOUR ENGLISH 3. Large Resin Pebble Vase Light Horn- DINOSAUR DESIGNS 4. Dream Weave Wall Art- DESIGN TWINS

Colour Trends Series 2016 – Part 2

February 28, 2016


This colour is richer in tone than Indigo blue and quite vibrant; working well as a wall or accent colour. Cobalt blue pairs well with crisp or off whites to create a vibrant palette that is high in contrast, or alternatively it can be toned down by using muted blues, greys, pinks or greens to create a softer look and feel.

95bada90efa7dee2378763fc5f217842 e96f84a4d3bae1bad2c563b7de460fd108987153c0518cc04733a6924795990a


This ‘true’ or deep red will be a key colour in 2016, presenting a softer red than what was seen throughout 2015. Rich in colour and depth, ‘true’ red evokes a sense of royalty and works well paired with royal blues, teals, grey, charcoal and off whites. The tonal range of this colour will vary between the strong, rich deep reds, to softer muted tones bordering into shades of red wine with hints of purple. We will see this colour particularly in homewares and handcrafted pieces such as rugs.

1a25d3a027b8348f329f8dcf17310941 d9a73b75b1edec174763c0f45db5c9c974faa5a5b28fc7ef00b931e0cf1beddd

Images sourced from Pintrest.


Contrasting to the vibrant, playful shades of purple we saw in 2015, this year focuses more on the deep and dusky shades of purple ranging from dark violet tones to vibrant jewel tones. This tonal range evokes a sense of luxury and glamour when paired with rich emerald or sapphire tones in fabrics and metallic accents such as brass.

3b0bfd0a740c8fc3767df6a51853f7c9 7abc830a70176a48a61969ade827a39c c6624a2a36cdce2aff5f0ecfdb59bb17

Images sourced from Pintrest.



This trend is inspired by the surface of the planets in space, featuring a range of earthy yet mineral-like colours that are out of this world. This trend will be seen alongside rich jewel tones of emerald and sapphire, flashes of coral and bright pinks. Metallic accents of brass and copper along with silver, and rich fabrics and textures work well with this trend.

top-banner-26df6dd2bc1f9234e4e40d43981ae1a7f 129c64be4f455542d801e586d250e880

Images sourced from Dulux website Australia and Pintrest.


Pink is making a bold comeback in 2016, featuring bright pops of retro-style pinks that have a more muted or chalky tone that the neon pinks we have seen in previous years. This tone works remarkably well with black and metallic accents, pops of bright colour such as red, navy and cobalt blue, and strong textures and patterns.

41035ee3a113414d3293e828c0b20f06 Untitledc4f0110d7e061b18a5938e8664ec47e3

Images sourced from Pintrest and KAS Australia.

Colour Trends Series 2016 – Part 1

February 14, 2016


Indigo blue is a key colour for 2016. We will see indigo in earthy and organic colour palettes but also contrasted with pops of bright colour such as corals, mustards and jewel tones. Indigo blue is a rich colour and oozes glamour and sophistication. It can also be used to create a softer interior if you use softer or more muted shades. This colour works well as a wall or as an accent colour contrast with crisp or off whites, soft greys, muted pinks and greens to create a neutral, organic or earthy colour palette. Rich jewel tones such as ruby, wine and emerald also pair well with Indigo blue to create a rich and sophisticated colour palette.

Diamond Scroll Navy Lounge Cushion 55x55cm s209475195901156500_p226_i7_w640 m_f-ombre-throw-blue-17277303-alt Sadie-Canvas-122x122cm-Blue

  1. Diamond Scroll Navy Lounge Cushion- BANDHINI 2. Entomology Indigo Wallpaper- Shibori 3. Sadie Canvas in Blue- FREEDOM 4. Morgan & Finch Ombre Throw in Blue- BED BATH & TABLE



Grey has firmly become the new staple or foundation colour in interiors, rivalling and if not surpassing beige as the go-to neutral colour for any interior. Grey is a universal colour that works in just about any space. In 2016, muted and soft greys are key colours that we will see in everything from paint, flooring and furniture, to homewares and bed linen. Muted greys work well as a base colour, paired with deeper charcoals, black, navy and off whites. Accent colours such as pastel pinks, mint green, muted blues and yellows work well with soft greys, however being such a versatile colour, the list is endless. Black, timber and metallic accents in furniture, lighting and homewares also work well against a palette of muted greys as they create contrast and add an element of warmth and sophistication to a room.


565a8f25e793580efc4fdbc1af53d1b99591d9a3e0b8c540fc99623bef29b5adc17e41b63aa6c2f4eff9b79226548d42 Images sourced from Pintrest.



Over the past year, coral was embraced as a favourite across interiors and fashion; however coming into 2016 and 2017, muted coral tones will become a key trend particularly in interiors. Muted corals are warm in tone and work well with muted greys, charcoal, mint green, muted olive greens and navy blues. This colour is a common feature in retro and mid-century modernist interiors, which is an interior trend and style that we will see revived and strengthened in 2016.


Images sourced from Pintrest and Dulux website Australia



 Mint green is a continuing colour trend moving into 2016 particularly in homewares. Mint green works well with soft greys, deeper charcoals, navy, black, crisp whites, pastel pinks, corals and muted blues.  In 2015, mint green was commonly paired with black, grey or white patterns or accents particularly in bed linen and soft furnishings. We will continue to see this trend in 2016 accompanied by timber, metallic and black or charcoal accents.

Deeper greens that reflect the dark foliage of a forest are key colours moving into 2016. Alongside mint green, deeper greens will evoke a sense of richness in an interior, giving a nod to the traditional greens we saw in Federation, Victorian and industrial eras. The tonal range for this colour trend will move between the deep forest greens to muted greens and almost emerald like tones, which all work well paired with timber and metallic accents such as copper and brass.

28d3d9148863dd4bb223a316d6562841 2649532b7cfe0b43dc5659fe80a8ac42 fac5a60a47825adcd49d918e51ddb598

 Images sourced from Pintrest.


Images sourced from Dulux website Australia

Colour of the Year 2016 – Rose Quartz and Serenity

January 31, 2016

For the first time in Pantone’s history, a blend of two colours was released as the Colour of the Year for 2016. Rose Quartz is a warm rose pink, whilst Serenity is a cool blue with a hint of violet, both having a pastel-like quality. Together, they demonstrate how warm and cool colours can work harmoniously to evoke a sense of tranquillity and restfulness from everyday life.

pantone-color-of-the-year-rose-quartz-serenity-woman-fabricImage from Pantone.com

 Soft pastel pinks, musks and warmer rose tones are becoming quite popular in furniture, fabrics, bed linen, cushions and homewares. Although these tones can be quite feminine, they work incredibly well paired against deeper charcoals and greys, navy, black and indigo blues.

Have a look below to see our go-to interiors picks in the 2016 Colour of the Year:

product_group_image6mongolian-lamb-pillow-cover-rosette-24-t2126-z 48412_243693_131645 500x500xHR-European-Stone-Wash-Pink-Main-square

  1. Juno Malmo Sofa Chair in Musk- GLOBE WEST 2. Mongolian Lamb Cushion Cover- WEST ELM 3. Callie Small Vase- COUNTRY ROAD 4. Home Republic European Collection in Stonewash Pink- ADAIRS

bambury-982221-304233 designers-choice-798611-276692 the-canvas-workshop-436271-297255 HR-Vintage-Wash-Linen-Cushion-Pale-Blue-2

1. Bambury Marble Cushion in Lilac- ZANUI 2. Designers Choice Genoa Knitted Throw in Blue- ZANUI 3. The Canvas Workshop Summer Landscape Print- ZANUI 4. Home Republic Vintage Washed Cushion in Pale Blue- ADAIRS


November 15, 2015



We recently had a display at the Renovate & Build Sydney Home Show where we were part of the Taubmans Colour Your World Vignette Series. As part of this 8 designers were asked to select a colour to design their space with, then through out the three days of the show people were asked to vote for their favourite display where they then went in the draw to win $500 worth of Taubmans paints.We also had the opportunity to talk on the COLOUR YOUR WORLD STAGE about one of our favourite things, COLOUR with design guru John Eussen.




So at the end of the show the numbers were in and the winner was STYLE CREATE DESIGN with our BLACK IS BACK STYLE VIGNETTE.

The brief for the vignette was to design a 2000 x 2000 space using only a single colour and make it look amazing – we chose BLACK.

Black is a colour that many people shy away from as they possibly find it overpowering, especially in small spaces. We demonstrated that, by introducing different layers and finishes to the surfaces, you can create a very stylish and elegant space using black.

Our concept for the vignette was New York Loft Style — moody, sexy and smooth.

We started with Taubmans All Black for the wall colour then added the wallpaper to the back wall. The wallpaper’s strong design of lines in both a matt and gloss finish created a 3D look on the wall. A black sheer fabric in ceiling-to-floor S fold curtains softened the space. On the opposite wall we placed a large black steel frame mirror to create the illusion of more space.

Lighting a space is always a key element and with this space it was vital to use lighting to create the mood and feel of the New York Loft sophistication. We used a combination of texture in the lighting as well with an antler horn pendant feature light overhead and a side lamp with a black gloss base. The ambience of this lighting combination was a relaxed yet edgy one and softened the space.
An oversized feature wing-back leather chair invited people to sit and relax. Side tables in black marble and black metallic gave a subtle texture shift with their alluring sheen. All of this was set off by the black cow hide rug on the floor. I am lucky to have a fantastic team to work with to help me pull this all together, thanks Max & Amy for your help, as well as friends like Designer James Treble and Shaynna Blaze for coming by and supporting.




We created an inviting space that said ‘Sit down and just relax, here’s a space for you to retreat to with a great book and a quiet drink. Here is a space that is good for your soul, you deserve it …’


The key to working with a single colour is using a variety of finishes and layers, textures and gloss, leathers and furs, with great lighting. That’s how we created our prize winning, sexy New York Loft.




Getting Down & Dirty – Discovering Sydney’s Historic Underground

February 11, 2015

I was recently lucky enough to be asked to join my gorgeous friend Rachel .B on a tour of Sydney’s underground Tank Stream. Rachel had purchased the tickets at a charity auction to raise funds for Water Aid http://www.wateraid.org/au, a charity that Sydney Water supports http://www.sydneywater.com.au/SW/index.htm.




We met bright and early at the entrance of the Tank Stream at the base of Australia Square, got all kitted up in our safety gear and got the rundown about the stream from the very helpful Louise Roberts from Sydney Water. Gotta love gummies, hardhat and a head torch — perfect design fit for purpose!




The Sydney Tank Stream is a historic stream that runs under the streets of Sydney. Nowadays it only collects storm water from the streets but when the British formed a colony here in 1788 it was the main supply of fresh water for the colony. The water flowed from a natural spring and the Tank Stream is one of the main reasons that Sydney Cove was chosen as the perfect location to settle.

The Indigenous people who had lived here for thousands of years before European settlement had used it as their fresh water supply as well, but unfortunately it took the new colony less than 40 years for it to become unusable as a safe water supply. It became so polluted that it had to be covered over and used as a sewage drain.


Then down we went to discover Sydney’s underground. It’s dark, it’s damp, it’s a confined space and head room is low — only time I have been thankful to be a short-arse!

It was very exciting to be exploring this part of Sydney that I had never seen before.

The design of the Tank Stream tunnel is formed with huge Sydney sandstone blocks displaying individual markings from the stonemasons who carved them, and handmade convict bricks in the curved arch. The eerie peacefulness of the water trickling past us was only interrupted by the occasional car crossing over the manhole in King Street above us.








Quick photo opportunity with some of the other water rats from the underground !


Then we were off for a pub crawl (er, meant to say research trip!) to The Tank Stream Bar https://www.facebook.com/tankstreambar at the GPO in Martin Place where you can still see sections of the original tank stream exposed.





It was only 10:30am so we didn’t take a tipple but wandered to the Opera Bar where an 11:45 brunch kicked off with a Bloody Mary. We spent the rest of a magical day looking over our beautiful Sydney Harbour and surrounded by the melting pot of architecture and design that borders the harbour. From the natural beauty of the Botanic gardens to the man-made Museum of Contemporary Art in historic sandstone and the sweeping sails of the Sydney Opera House.

I love living in Sydney and exploring all its history and beautiful buildings.

What new parts of Sydney with interesting design have you discovered recently?


Whimsical, Sophistication and Fun – Kerrie Brown Design

November 9, 2014

Recently I got to explore the gorgeous design studio of Kerrie Brown Design and share in a Q&A session with renowned designer and academy award nominated set decorator and designer Kerrie Brown. This was a fantastic opportunity to understand more about her design process.



It was at an event that I co-ordinated for the Colour Society NSW Division and a night full of amazing colour and fun.

Kerrie Brown has launched a dramatic soft furnishings collection from her beautiful design studio in Woollahra.

Drawing from 25 years cinematic experience as a set decorator on acclaimed international productions, the Kerrie Brown design studio has created a limited edition range of soft furnishings, lamp shades, window blinds, and printed furniture that mix a modern aesthetic, a luminous colour palette and Kerrie’s passion for the art and design of centuries passed.


Optimized-kb1 Optimized-IMG_5896


Kerrie’s unique sense of style has been honed from researching different centuries and cultures to decorate some of the most memorable film sets.

The result is a very original mix of whimsy, sophistication and fun. Kerrie’s unique sense of style has been honed from researching different centuries and cultures to decorate some of the most memorable film sets. Her work with industry greats such as George Miller (on Babe), Phillip Noyce (The Quiet American), John Woo (Mission Impossible) Andrew Adamson (on The Chronicles of Narnia) and Guillerno Del Toro (Don’t be Afraid of the Dark) showcase her signature style

I thought that I would like to share with you some of these images below

Optimized-IMG_5890 Optimized-kb2 Optimized-IMG_5889 Optimized-IMG_5891 Optimized-IMG_5894


Master Painters Awards For Excellance In Colour Design

September 27, 2014

We are very excited to have been recognized again, at this year’s Master Painters awards for excellence. The awards night gala event was held in Sydney recently where the winners were announced.

We won the Award for Colour Design for our exterior colour selection on a property at Epping.





The house is owned by one of our favourite clients and close friends Marcella & Joe. Their home is an entertainer’s delight – a home that my family and I have shared many a celebration and heart-warming meal in together. It’s a home that they have regularly continued to improve and renovate over the years.

It was after some much needed structural repairs were done to the front verandah, which involved the selection of new tiles for the entry, that Marcella & Joe engaged me to advise them on a new colour palette for the exterior of their home.

IMG_4720 Optimized-IMG_4697 IMG_4708 Optimized-IMG_4618
This property was originally painted in a traditional Federation colour palette with tones of cream, dark green and terracotta.

The brief from Marcella & Joe was to select a new colour palette that gave the house a more contemporary and modern feel while still using tones that blended with the Terracotta roof and guttering.
The colour palette that we selected has earthy bush tones that complement the surrounding landscape while still highlighting the original architectural features of the property.

We used Dulux colours – Barn Floor for the main wall, Ploughed Earth on the woodwork and Pipe Clay on the windows.





Teenage Bedroom Makeover

August 19, 2014


As some of our followers may already know I recently re-designed my daughter’s bedroom as a surprise for her 15th birthday so I thought that I would share a few more details and images of the whole process on the blog today.


Create a new-look bedroom for a fifteen year old that would grow with her and still look cool when she’s nineteen – a space to hang out with friends and chill.

She’s kind of a laid back type of gal so nothing too frilly or fussy!!

Must keep:

A hand made patchwork quilt made by her grandmother and a cane rocking chair that has  a long family history and that I have rocked, patted and fed many a screaming baby off to sleep in.

Extra note:

All work must be completed in a 12-day turn around while she is away on school camp as a surprise for her Birthday on her return.

Colour palette:

The room had existing white joinery and white plantation shutters that were all staying but the main design piece that would govern the colour palette was the handmade quilt.

It was the dusty soft pink, mint green, and turquoise in the patches on the quilt that we had to work with, but the rest was up to our imagination.




The design process:

  • Firstly get rid of the hot pink wall and get our cool gold metallic spotted wall paper hung and repaint with a fresh new coat of paint on all walls
  • Select new furniture, new queen bed ensemble, bedhead, bedside table, lighting and lamps
  • Order all new linen and select new doona cover
  • Repaint the cane bedhead to be the same turquoise that is in the quilt.
  • Using some leftover fabric, we made a new lamp shade and pin board picking up the same tones in the room.
  • Source rug for floor, nothing too girly but exactly the right dusty soft pink in quilt

(This took a while to source the perfect colour but managed to find and install only an hour before she arrived home but I think it pulls it all together really well, nothing like some last minute pressure.)

  • Then finally bring it all together with delivery of new furniture, linen and accessories.
  • Note: regarding quilt cover it’s a bugger to iron so recommend to go for the crushed and casual  no iron look

(This will suit my daughter’s casual, crushed, not making the bed sort of look as well!!)

Products that we used:

Wallpaper Porters Paints http://www.porterspaints.com/wallpapers/porters-collection/sprinkled-spots

Cane Peacock bedhead http://lincolnbrooks.com.au/product/peacock-bedhead/

Dulux Island Sea – Colour used for bedhead http://www.dulux.com.au/colour/colour-wall.aspx

Bed linen – Logan & Mason http://www.loganandmason.com.au/misc/ProductCategoryLanding.aspx?pcid=1111

Quilt set – Private collection Barclay http://www.privatecollectionaustralia.com.au/Products/Designs/Barclay-White.aspx


The Finished Product: